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夢想這句話的前面就是現實!我們人人都是活在現實中的,這一點不能否認… 現實中的工作和學生時代的想像一旦產生差距,就怨天尤人地說:『我要辭掉工作去追求夢想』這些全都是藉口! 不能適應現實的人根本沒有資格追求夢想!這只能算是痴人說夢話!

田畑重男 《單身宿舍連環泡》(ツルモク獨身寮) vol. 2

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Jack: I love you
Rose: I love you 2
Jack: I love you 3
Rose: I love you 4
Jack: U jump
Rose: I jump

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First Prize

When you play a lucky draw, most people would like to win the first prize. But it may not always true. Here is a story told by the tourist guide when I goto Japan last year.

If you have watch some Japanese TV Programme or Anime, you should know that Department Stores always got some lucky draw in Japan. Most of the time, the first prize is some free trip. Once, a tourist from Hong Kong play a lucky draw and win the first prize. Sure, the tourist was very happy. However, the tourist guide suggest him to ask whether he can change to get the second prize rather then the first prize. The tourist was puzzled but after he found out what present of the first prize is, he follow the suggestion. Then what is the present of the first prize? 3-day trip to Hong Kong.

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