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剛去 HK Cnet 走了一走, 看到這篇資訊建構 10 大問題

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Linux HandHeld

Agenda have released a Linux-based Handheld. Really Cool. Besides, also read the PocketLinux.

From Slashdot

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Debian Button

Here are two Debian Button.

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HD added

Our big stick - ypwong have just added a 30G HD to this server. Now Slink is back. Hope that it is enough to support the hugh packages of Debian. Happy enjoy it.

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If you ask me which words I speak most in my life, I suppose it is Sorry. Yes, I even have once say sorry to a dog after I kick him accidently. Sometime, I really feel sorry to do sth so I say the word. But sometime, It would say the word without understand what have happen. Be honest, I really feel sorry for hurting someone or even hate that. But I hate that being condemned without knowing what have I done. May be I know some. But I have try my best to prevent them. Is there something I have missing? I really want to know. Sorry for my stupied. Oh also sorry to say sorry again…. Damn it! Really, I really want to make thing clear.

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To friends

Sometime, I really want to say sorry to my friends. Although I also complain that I am so lonely all the time and noone ever understood my feeling, but the fact that there is still much friends around me. You know, I really know your care but I can’t feel it much or I only focus on some few people. Sometime, I really want to be alone, coz I enjoy to have my own private space and it make me think and work better. But in fact, I really hate the feeling of being alone. Or in better words, I really hate and scare the feeling of being left, forgotton or refused.

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12 Nights

Besides the fiction and a tech book, I also bought 2 VCD from a store near my home. One is 12 Nights and another is What dreams may come. I bought the former coz I was told by a friend that I like the charactor acted by Eason Chan. Really? I just think we are totally different style. Ummm.. may be my friend feel we are similar at first few part. Basically, I really don’t caught the meaning of the film. Is love really so easy to break up like that. Is the feeling of love can really gone so easy or suddently? Really I can’t understand. May be why you are crazy with someone just because you believe that you are really fall in love with him/her.

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I have bought Carl Sagan’s Contact today. Indeed, I never finish a serious english fiction (Except those in book list of sec. school) although I have bought some in past. Hey, it is really painful if you need to ask help from your dict several for just a paragraph. Once I was really interesting on cyberpunk culture (Umm.. about 94-95) I have bought a electronic dict in order to minimize the pain and try to read Wiliam Gibson’s Neuromancer. But, of course, I have finually withdraw it before the end of the first chapter.

You can say that Contact is one of my favourite movies. I really love the main charactor - Ellie Arroway, acted by Jodie Foster. Coz it really reflect something about me. Especially when her professor Drumlin scolded her that her stubborn on SETI would only kill her career, She responsed, “So what? It’s my life!”.

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Deki have just send me the link of a story about happiness. Ok, I still doesn’t much get the meaning of it. It just make me remeber one of my previous log “How to make girls happy!?” OH… recenly I found someone have type the same sentense in search engine and the log become the first match.. Ha… sorry. It seem that I should refer them to someone page. But………. Anyway, I always define it as an art, which mean it is sth beyond me.

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Theme Converters in Debian

Some notes for Debian. For Debian 2.2 (Potato), a package is very useful if you like using the themes in . Package theme-converters content some perl script to convert Window Maker and GTK+ from to debian package (*.deb file). Compared to just extract them directly. Debian package is more easy for management. Esp when you want to remove one themes. You can just type “gtkthemetodeb -rfakeroot foogtkthemes.tar.gz” is ok.

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哈, 還記得細個陣曾經有過一個奇想。每日都係新聞電視聽到好多人死。會上電視既 係香港每日最少都有十唻個,無上既應該會仲多,死死下.. 會唔會有一日全香港人都死 晒。因為呢個胡思亂想,我當時做個小計,結果係就當一路都無 BB 出世,每日死幾百個 都要等幾百年先死得晒。或者認真 d 我當時應該去 lib 搵搵香港每年既死亡率同出世 率,不過可能因為只係一胡思,我得到個毫不認真但好似樂觀既答案就無乜再深究。

但當你聽到d 人死既新聞,你可曾諗過可能有一日死既係你認識既人其至係你自己。 灰 d 咁講, 生命就是如此脆弱。好啦,講講下我都唔多知自己係度講乜! anyway… 老套講句 “Take it easy” and …………

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當你設計網頁時,有否想過你的網頁在色弱者眼中會變成怎樣?會否 變得難而閱讀呢?喂,別歧視這小部份人,色弱者也有在網上瀏覽的權利。 如有興趣感受一下色弱人士眼中的 WWW ,可以到 Vischeck。 你只要在 Vischeck 輸入你要看的網址,它就會向你呈現這網頁在 色弱者眼中會變成怎樣。

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