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I have bought Carl Sagan’s Contact today. Indeed, I never finish a serious english fiction (Except those in book list of sec. school) although I have bought some in past. Hey, it is really painful if you need to ask help from your dict several for just a paragraph. Once I was really interesting on cyberpunk culture (Umm.. about 94-95) I have bought a electronic dict in order to minimize the pain and try to read Wiliam Gibson’s Neuromancer. But, of course, I have finually withdraw it before the end of the first chapter.

You can say that Contact is one of my favourite movies. I really love the main charactor - Ellie Arroway, acted by Jodie Foster. Coz it really reflect something about me. Especially when her professor Drumlin scolded her that her stubborn on SETI would only kill her career, She responsed, “So what? It’s my life!”.

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Deki have just send me the link of a story about happiness. Ok, I still doesn’t much get the meaning of it. It just make me remeber one of my previous log “How to make girls happy!?” OH… recenly I found someone have type the same sentense in search engine and the log become the first match.. Ha… sorry. It seem that I should refer them to someone page. But………. Anyway, I always define it as an art, which mean it is sth beyond me.

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