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Palm have just release 2 new models. m500 and m505. Noth with expansion slot. But it is so interesting that a reader post in /. that palm does’t named the new model as m404 is a good thing. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find Palm from time to time. ^_*

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Mashi Maro

Deki 岩岩俾左呢幾個 link 俾我.. 幾過癮… ;p

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God damn… I have been in danger that couldn’t back to Hong Kong tommorrow because of the god damn file /usr/local/etc/ssh_prng_cmds. Finally, Google and save me…

Haven’t sleep for over 36 hours again…!>_< !!

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「 一 般 人 碰 到 問 題 時 , 都 不 願 花 思 精 力 心 思 去 解 決 ,他 們 只 期 望 超 人 或 聖 賢 的 出 現 , 為 他 們 承 擔 所 有 的 痛苦 、 困 難 。 」

– 楊 泰 隆 《 銀 河 英 雄 傳 說 》

“To punish me for my contempt for authority, Fate made me an authority myself.”

-Albert Einstein

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Running Linux 2.4.x in Debian potato

Have I mention? (this machine) is runing Linux 2.4.x. Still potato… (compiled by zzzz) if you want to run Linux 2.4 in Potato, read this:

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Do you know where I typing this log? In fact, it’s not a big matter. But I realy doubted whether they have book a wrong room for me when I enter this room. Sure, it is not a big room in Jin Jiang Hotel [錦江飯店] but already have samiliar size with my ex-pad in HK (which lived 4 people). 2 beds, really don’t know what my “boss” thinking about. o

Sounds that I really said the “wrong” words. OT and ON work is still needed in here, ShangHai. Last night, I still have to go back and work at mid-night. -_- It doesn’t a hard job. But after several days work, I really don’t want to get out of my bed today until 2:00pm. Due that I need to hand in some work monday, I still need to work and with no sat and sun.

Because of the late wake-up, I decide work in the hotel rather then go back to office. While my “boss” have go back to HK yestersday. I need to be alone here for several days. Sure, I like to work alone but eating become a major problem here. I still hate to choosing where to eat and eat how much. Last night, I was go out too late and most fast food shop have closed. I get in the a japanese restuarant and spent more then hundred dollars for the dinner finally.

Today, I finish my lunch in KFC and don’t go back to start my work immidetaly. Coz I really don’t work all the time without looking arround in every business trip. I spent 1-2 hours to work around the streets near the hotel and try to find a book store to buy a map. Saturaday Shanghai street is pretty crowd. Although you still can feel the typical china style on the street, the living level not lower than HK. Of course, this is Shanghai, the most modern city in china. But I think I may prefer Beijing, coz I can understand most while people talking to each other. (Ok, I don’t know “Shanghai-lish”)

Notice I wrote it yesterday (sat)

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ON 之神

係.. 丫! 我最近轉左工! 返呢份工前.. 好邪咁講左句:有我既地方就一定會通頂.. ! 點知..返工第一日 (星期一) .. AE 就首次要通頂 …。邪呢!

返工第二日就要出 trip… 現在我係上海….

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