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Wow!! Carrie just told me that she is my schoolmate in secondary school. It really amazing! She just lower then me for one year. Because that she have transferred to another secondary school after F.2, I do not know her at that time. Wow!!! Interesting!!!

It is not a big deal that u find some schoolmate of ur secondary or primary school. And most of the time, coz of everybody growing up, it is hard to have a close friendship with them. But when a buddy (she is one of the best friends I got in the last job and we have work overnight for many times together even in different department) told u that she was ur schoolmate suddently, she got some same friends as u (I have repeat the F.5, so some of her friends were also my old classmate), her husband was also ur schoolmate. If she have not transfer to another school. If I have look clear when she show me her wedding photo. We should know that earlier.

She know that because she had a date with her friend, also my old classmatel, on last sunday. Before that we have a meal on sat and I give her my name card. She put my name card on the table during the date with her friend. Then one of my old classmate saw it and shout who know Roy Chan! Ho… The feeling is really very interesting ) As what mcmug always say, “The feeling is really good!” (感覺真好!)

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  1. 002
    May 25th, 2001 | 11:03

    hello, i don’t know u and u don’t know me, but i was from ST. JOHANNES COLLEGE (CATHOLIC SCHOOL) from 1987-1988….in canada now, but just wanted to say hi…haha~

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