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I have just back from Shen Zhen. Start from this week, I shall be in Shen Zhen every tuesday and wednesday. I can’t denied that going to Shen Zhen is pretty tried. But as I have said before, I should not be beaten down by myself again.

P.S. Oh! Today is 627. Time go so fast!

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Draw Euclidean Geometry by LaTeX

Pretty interesting…I just found an extension of LaTeX - Euklides, it can draw Euclidean Geometry graph by some pretty easy language, like

A B C D parallelogram(5, 4, 105 ) ; draw(A, B, C, D)
mark(B, A, D) ; mark(D, C, B)
mark(C, B, A, double) ; mark(A, D, C, double)

Sound very useful for those need to wrote math exam paper for primary/secoundary school.

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More Books arrived

Last time, I have told you that I have order some books form Amazon. Some of them have arrived recently. They include The Missing Piece meets the Big O, the second series of The Missing Piece I mention last time, Effective Project Management, Web Site Usability, The Usability Engineering Lifecycle and Bugs in Writing.

U know, my mum and my sister pretty enjoy the missing piece series. However, my dad read nothing but only the price of the book. >_< OK, u can imagine what his reaction.

The Book Bugs in Writing talk about the common mistakes , on grammar or style, that always existed in the articles written by techno people. Yup, I would like to improve my English writing, so I bought it. Let see whether I have any improve! ^_*

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