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First project in SourceForge

Yes, I forget to write here. Finally, I have start a project in SourceForge. It really very late for me, an old linux user, to open some code to public. It’s because I always do think my code is well enought to open to public. Besides, I change my design frequently. May be one of my main weakness is thinking too much before do one thing.

The project is pretty silly. I just think of emulate some interesting feature in Java on PHP. After working on JSP and servlet last year, I find the way how JSP separate the logic and layout of web program is pretty interest. No doubt it is also a weakness of PHP. Therefore, the first thing of the project is written a library to emulating the JavaBean idea of JSP in PHP.

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Recently, all my icq client (no matter micq, gnomeicu or licq) do not work well, finally, I find that AOL seems drop some non-ICQ2000 protocol connection and make many old or unofficial ICQ client don’t work. I found an icq client support ICQ2000 last night, and get back to ICQ world. If you suffer this problem, try Ickle. It does got many function. No sound, no history log… no detail user info… no chinese support. but anyway , it is the one of few solution until micq and gnomeicu support ICQ20000.

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