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New year

係,返左唻香港! 返唻個日諗過寫 d 野.. 但又覺得無乜謂,所以無寫。 陽曆新年因為趕 LUG AGM 所以無寫野。到左臨近農曆新年,岩岩係公司 做野做到八點幾,返家途中係車上又想寫 d 野。

又新一年,又再次臨近情人節。哈,話說今年我犯太歲,不宜做 d 冒險 既決定,不過偏偏我年頭就作出左一個當時相信係較冒險既決定。哈, 唔係信唔信邪既問題,或者自己始終係一個常常抱搏一盤心態既人, 但事實我可以選擇既並不多,所為較安全可能其實係最唔穩定既選擇。 今時今日我最太既牽掛就係層樓。講真個實際負擔其實好細,但對心 理上負擔就幾大,最少係早排量地既時候好明顯。或者咁講,由我出 世到依家,無一段時間俾我依家咁發錢寒。哈,有時我都會反問我 自己呢個係因為有實際需要定係呢兩年既洗禮令我明白乜叫錢。

為乜要咁,有時我都答唔出。或者咁講,我只係想令我身邊既人好過 d 。自由自在係好,我行我素係好,但做人係咪可以咁。或者我唔想 再有一種累街坊,累兄弟,欠左人既感覺。我唔係咪要做好孝順仔, 但最少唔好用自己既任性玩死自己既父母。對左近三十年,有時我 都問自己算係乜,有無真係用心咁同佢地諗下。

又話說我早兩年算叫左行緊運。哈,係! 早兩年我既事業算係起 得好好,但每一步都幾乎令我透不過氣。到左將近三十,先至幾乎 將自己既價值觀徹底反轉,先至認識到呢個世界點 run 。還好, 仲後生,仲有好多年過,仲有好多年要捱。

撘完車返到屋企,咁岩有線做 高畑勳舊作「平成狸合戰」 即港譯「百變狸貓」,講成班狸貓點係阻止人類去破壞佢家園 .. 作出百般掙扎,結果最後都要屈服化為人形係人類社會中 生存。真係好似我地呢班 geek 既寫照.. 哈..

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Flying to NYC

Hi, I’m now on the plane to New York City, a business trip to there to attend the Linux World Expo. I’ll stay in NYC for a week. It’s my first time to fly a long distance. over 18 hrs journary, change plane in Tokyo. I left Tokyo at around 14 (HKT) and will arrive NYC at around 1 (HKT), which is 13 US Time. Oh, It’s sound like being Kua-fu [夸父], a person who chase the sun in the chinese legend.

Sure, I’m really excited coz it’s also my first time to states, first time to left Asia. Wow! But coz of the 911, there is many bad thing flash in my mind. Last month (Dec of 2001), I got a dream about death. It’s not horrible and no pain. (Oh, have you ever pain while dreaming) I just met a guy who ask me whether I need to leave some words to others. It made me puzzle and stop for a few secounds. While I got the meaning and would like to say yes, he said it’s too late. Interesting that I’m not scare or panic, then said it is ok. (Oh, my typical answer to most things. But I really can’t imagine that I’ll said while I died) The latest thing I check before I left is that my family got enough money to pay for the apartment. Oh, It’s really tell me that I’m worry much about the apartment although it doesn’t spent me so much every month.

Most books tell that dream about death mean good thing, so I didn’t care too much but only joke with my sister. But sure, the apartment is one of the things that I really care about. OK, don’t worry!! my friend! You should know that I’m not a pesimist. But I suppose I should prepare every thing.

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