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HDD crash!!! sigh…..

It seems that luck never near to me after enter 2004. My notebook HDD just damage last sat and I lost all my data. I’m so lazy and only got a backup of 5 month ago on my old notebook. (X21) I bought a 30GB Fujitsu HDD (I won’t rely on more then 40GB notebook HDD anymore) and rebuilt the whole Debian. For those who always ask me how to make Debian support Chinese, you will got the documentation soon coz I finally need to do it again.

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Colorquiz 2

2 month ago (Feb 12th, 2004) , I had re-do a test which I have done few years ago, I have keep the result in another site. the result is:

  • Your Existing Situation

    Orderly, methodical, and self-contained. Needs the respect, recognition, and understanding of those close to him.

  • Your Stress Sources

    Feels trapped in a disagreeable situation and powerless to remedy it. Angry and disgruntled as he doubts that he will be able to achieve the goals and frustrated almost to the point of nervous prostration. Wants to get away, feel less restricted, and free to make his own decisions.

  • Your Restrained Characteristics

    Willing to become emotionally involved and able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity.

    Clings to his belief that his hopes and ideas are realistic, but needs encouragement and reassurance. Applies very exacting standards to his choice of a partner and wants guarantees against loss or disappointment.

  • Your Desired Objective

    Needs to feel identified with someone or something and wishes to win support by his charm and amiability. Sentimental and yearns for a romantic tenderness.

  • Your Actual Problem

    Seeks to avoid criticism and to prevent restriction of his freedom to act, and to decide for himself by the exercise of great personal charm in his dealings with others.

    Depleted vitality has created an intolerance for any further stimulation, or demands on his resources. This feeling of powerlessness subjects him to agitation and acute distress. He attempts to escape into a substitute world in which things are more nearly as he desires them to be.

Oops, it almost all correct!!!! >_<

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Music in my MP3 Player

早幾天到過阿當的主站看他這幾天年寫的 blog ,發覺他早段時期的 blog 幾乎都是貼歌詞。熟我的網友都知道我早年很喜歡貼歌詞,而我每次貼歌詞總是因為有些事發生,一邊打一邊唱 (很少是 copy & paste),同唱 K 一樣對我來說都是一種發洩。這 幾年已很少貼歌詞了,貼也是只 短短幾句。唱 K 也近一年沒有唱,大概我所有朋友都怕了搶咪的作風及恐怖的歌喉。


以下就是現時在我部 MP3 機上的音樂或歌曲:

  • 有病呻吟 / 張學友 - 半年前買左張 許志安+何韻詩 拉闊演唱會 ,許志安翻唱過呢首。覺得當時計志安演得不錯,所以找了張學友原版來聽。
  • 相愛很難 / 梅艷芳+張學友 - 不知是否梅艷芳同張學友的音域分別太大,這首歌 經常要迫得張學友拉得很高音。
  • 周杰倫 - 周杰倫近期 的歌都把我悶壞。始終還是第一張專輯最好。
    • 反方向的鐘 / 周杰倫
    • 龍捲風 / 周杰倫
  • 任性 / 孫燕姿 - 因為這一首歌開始聽孫燕姿 , 不過往後幾張專輯都有點悶。
  • 偶見 / 孫燕姿 - 電影 "向左走向右走" 的主題曲,我不喜電影,但喜歡這首歌。孫燕姿還是適合唱這類歌,可以唱出那種情懷。
  • 陳奕迅
    • 黑夜不再來
    • 今日
    • 望月 - 翻唱張學友舊作
    • - 翻唱陳百強舊作
    • 大開眼戒
    • 忘記歌詞 - 有次和一班朋友去 bar ,其中一位提起不明白陳奕迅經常忘了歌詞還是這麼紅。
  • 身外情 / 黃耀明 - 電影 "大隻佬" 主題曲
  • To The Thief A Punch Up At a Wedding / Radiohead - 很少聽 Radiohead ,偶然在 gnutella 找到,覺得也蠻好聽!
  • Dido - 早前看了 "Love Actually" ,所以買左兩張 Dido 的專輯。
    • Here With Me
    • White Flag
    • Life For Rent
    • Don’t Leave Home
  • Les Miserables - 個人最喜愛 Musical,太棒了! 很想再看多一次!
    • Stars
    • Do you hear the people sing
    • On my own / Lea Salonga
    • One Day More
  • Music of the Night - Phantom of the Opera / Michael Crawford & Barbara Streisand - Phantom 裡最耐聽的一首。這個由 Gnutella 找的版本是 Christine 和 Phantom 一起唱,好棒! ^_^
  • First Love (Piano Version) / 宇多田光
  • 電影 La double vie de veronique (港譯 "兩生花") soundtrack - 個人最喜愛 soundtrack 之一
    • Marionmettes
    • La double vie de Veronique
    • Veronique
    • L’enface II
    • Theme - 2e Transcript
    • Concerto en mi Instrumentation contemporaine
    • Enfer (La double vie de Veronique)
  • 電影 Lord of the Rings Soundtrack
    • The Breaking of Fellowship - 因為第三張 soundtrack 附送的 DVD 裡個 super trailer 尾段用了這首音樂尾的歌 In dream。
    • The King of Golden Hall
    • Forth Eorlingas
    • Golum Song
    • Minas Tirith
  • 電影 Amadeus (港譯 "莫扎特傳") soundtrack - 另一個我好喜歡電影
    • Requiem - Confutatis
  • Piano Stories / 久石讓 - 主要是久石讓將佢以往的作品再次用鋼琴演譯。
    • Fantasia (For Nausica) - 來自風之谷中的 The Legend of the Wind
    • Green Requiem
    • Lady of the Spring
    • The Twilight Shore
  • Dvorak Symphony No.9 From The New World 尾兩節

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Blogging again

Indeed, I never expect someone will care on these site. However, I still got few ICQ messages or met some people in HKLUG activities that mention I haven’t update my site for long time. Sure, I never talk serious of it. But while I start to heavy (we)blogger recently (Yup, it also meant I’m moody recently), I think I need to mention it here. ^_*

P.S. Already move to ;-P

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Observer and time

Feel days ago, I give a psychological test to my sister. I ask her to guess when she ask me which type am I. She guess 5, the observer or thinker. It is right that I always got many thing in my mind and sometimes I will feel interest to understand how the world work but my mark on type 5 is NOT high. When I saw the description of 5, I remember a story by Zhang Xi Guo (張系國) in his science-fiction collection Music of the Night. (夜曲)

The story is talk about a girl met a strange Taxi driver who lent her a device which can make her time run faster or slower. She need to make her time run slower then others to store some time. Then she turn her time run faster to retrieve she stored when she need time. The driver only ask her to give the device back to him one year later and give all the time remain at that time to him as his revenue.

One year later, the driver told the girl the purpose of collecting so much time. The driver said he had already collect ten thousand years and plan to use it go around the world and read every books in order to the truth of the world.

As most science-fiction about time, you can imagine how they walk around the street and saw every body and thing just stand and stop without any movement. They were similar to god who can observe the world with minimum affect on it. (If they are careful)

When I’m young, I also got a similar thought that it is great if I can read all the books in the world and know every thing. It is really interesting if I got ten thousand years time to do that. But I think I would not got such a kind of patient to be alone for such a long time. Chopping it into a thousand of ten years might be a good idea. ;P

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The Lord of the Swirls and types of woman

In Amaya’s Fotopage, I found some great Debian wallpapers!! "One swirl to rule them all".

From Andrew Lee’s blog, I found a page talk about types of woman.

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I know MT is good for blogging and they even introduce many idea to blog. Indeed, I have built an MT site for testing. But I won’t use it coz it is not a free software. I prefer to replacement it’s idea in other blog engine when I have time.

Yup, I’m stubborn. However, I enjoy my stubborn. I wrote in Orkut that stubborn is one of the five things that I can’t live without. It make me fail in many cases but it support me get something done.

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職業 Open Source

看到 一篇有關 JBoss 的報導,講述其自稱『職業 OpenSource』的商業模式。 JBoss 早前取得一千萬美金的投資將會被用來擴充其對 OpenSource 的『擁有權』。 JBoss 一直以為其 OpenSource JBoss Application Server 提供支援而賺取利潤。而近來 JBoss 聘請了不少和其有關 OpenSource 軟件的主要開發者,加強其對 Tomcat 5 、 Hibernate 、 Nukes CMS 和 JavaGroups 等軟件程式碼的操控權。 JBoss 表示此舉不是要強佔這些 OpenSource 軟件,但主要想加強和這些軟件開發領導的溝通。

亦有分析家表示 JBoss 此舉有助決解 OpenSource 長久以來久缺商業支援的致命問題。

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我離開學校也有七、八年多時間,恕我不了解現時教育界的情況。但遇然因工作及 HKLUG 的關係,也會和些學校接觸。每次我都驚訝現時學校的資源比我讀書時多很多。大概老董和政府做了很多事。但我確實想問,這些資源有幾多真的和教育有關,有幾多真的到了學生那邊?二百萬一座升降機、一大堆 Sun Sparc 伺服器、廿多萬一套指紋鑑別系統。對不起,我實在想不到這堆東西對中小學生究竟有多大意義。一大堆撥款有幾多是用在教育,有幾多是用在學校耀武揚威?我記有一次因為工作關係向一位教師詢問學校面對的情況,但令我驚訝的是那位教師竟然拿出一個預先預備好並做得蠻複雜 (最少我到現在去演講時也不會做到這個程度) 的簡報 (即 Windoze 友稱的 powerpoint) ,我不知道簡報是否他先前為其他需要而做的,但最少我的第一反應就是『要這麼誇張嗎?』




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More about Gnome 2.6

Finally, I have installed the Gnome 2.6 Experimental Debian package in some testing machines. They are not yet on Sid or event Experimental while some are still stuck in Incoming. But I found that the Debian Gnome team build a repository for those packages when I read Jordi Mallach’s blog. If you got a spare space and would like to try them, put the following line in you /etc/apt/source.list:

deb sid main non-free contrib
deb experimental main non-free contrib
deb experimental main

Then use your favorite APT client to upgrade to Gnome 2.6.

If you use Slackware, Dropline Gnome 2.6 is available now.

Of course, don’t miss some another Gnome 2.6 review from OSNews and The state and future of Gnome 2.6.

I can’t describe how Gnome delight me in these several releases. I heard many KDE advocators stated that many new features of Gnome had already existed in KDE long time ago. But sorry. KDE is never my cup of tea! And undoubtfully, the future of open source desktop is belong to Gnome. ;P

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NAT’s blog 看到:

We need a feature in Evolution that warns you if you try to send a message whose body implies there is an attachment, but with nothing attached.


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PushButton Theme

咦! 原來 Drupal 的 Pushbutton 也蠻好好! DebianHK 以後可以跟據她改改。

Geoffrey 說 htmlarea 在 Safari 及 Konqueror 不太行,有沒有人可以幫手試試這 kupu

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Blog 拾趣: CSS Template, *zip 比較, Debian 車 , vim

Amayita 的 blog 找再一張 Debian 車和一張開性別歧視的圖片。

Sun JDK 在 Debian

Torsten Curdt 找到了一篇詳細講解 如何在 Debian 上安 Sun JDK 的文章 ,我記得在台灣 DebianWiki 中也有一篇


一班 Mac 愛好者開發了一個支援很有趣的追溯瀏覽歷史方式的瀏覽器,把用一個流程圖顯示 你的瀏覽歷史,每個網頁都用其縮圖代表。(SSL 的網頁可以用將縮圖糢糊化或用其他圖示取替) 應該很實用。可惜這瀏覽器只在 MacOS X 上運行。

CSS Template

Gregor J. Rothfuss 看到一個不錯的 CSS 網站, 收集不少 CSS Templates 。該站原只有德文版,現提供了英文版,不過那些 CSS Tempates 似乎還未移過 英文版,所以要拿 template 時要在 url 去刪去 en/

Drupal 主站看到 Gnome Angalore ,有不少篇排似乎值得借鏡。

gzip 對 bzip2 對 rzip

另外,亦由 Planet Apache 看到幾個人在為 gzip 、 bzip2 及 rzip 做表現測試。似乎 rzip 都是一個不錯的壓縮工具。




由某個 blog 看到 vim 也不一定文字編輯器。

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Zbigniew Preisner 的 Requiem for My Friend

早一陣子用 Gnutella 下載了堆 Zbigniew Preisner 的 Requiem for My Friend 專輯的 MP3 ,但一直沒有時間去靜心聽聽。直到昨晚才一路工作一路放,蠻喜歡。Zbigniew Preisner 為電影 La Double vie Veronique (港譯『兩生花』)所編的配樂是我個人最喜愛的電影原聲音樂之一。Requiem for My Friend 第一部份就是他為悼念其好友 Krzysztof Kieslowski (電影 籃白紅三部曲及兩生花的導演) 所編。

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微軟放軟件上 sourceforge 及新程式語言 Xen

留意到微軟斷 C# 及 F# 之後又會把出一套新程式語言 Xen 。微軟這次的標語是 “Programming with Circles, Triangles and Rectangles“。標中的圓形、三角形及正方形分別是指通用語言執行環境 (CLR, Commone Language Runtime) 、 XML 及關聯性資料庫 (Rational Database) 。可以說 Xen 本身就是 C# 在程試語言上直接支援 XML 、 SQL 的支援,令以往複雜的資料結構處理變得簡單得多。

f=””>Miguel De Icaza 的日誌看到 Microsoft 把一個叫 WiX 的內部 project 放上 sourceforge

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原本愚人節當天, YP 問要不要貼一些玩笑新聞。我的回應是如果有一些 smart 點的玩笑新聞也可以貼貼,但個人不好此道。結果當天晚上因為想 mirror 王漢宗的字型,把硬盤塞滿了。正好當時要貼一篇 NEC 新 Linux 裝置的,一不為意就把整個 node table 抄掉。好一個愚人節!

既然抄掉,也把心一橫,直接重新安裝 Drupal 4.4.0 。4.4 剛剛推出沒久,還有一部份 module 未支援 (如 notify 、 trackback 及 project)。 import 及 buddylist 模組也怪怪的,找不到 filter 和 oasis_node_list 這兩個 function ,結果寫了兩個空 function ,暫時可以運行。外加的 import 模組比 Drupal 內建的強大,可以個別處理每篇匯入來的新聞,亦可以任意把其一篇放上首頁,蠻好用。 ) 試用了 i18n 模組,可以隨時轉 locale ,亦有 url_rewrite, 方便 search engine 。但因為 Drupal 原本假定所有 locale 名只有兩個字元,結果又要了一輪 code 。 沒有登入時似乎運行正常,但登入後又會跟回用戶自定的 locale 。


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