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Topics in Planet DebianHK

Last week, there is some comments about the blog topics on Planet Gnome. While someone complain about the “off-topic” of John Flecks’s blog, others point out the purpose of planet is collecting the blogs of people involved in a project but not only collect the blog related to the project.

Not long time ago, I’m think on the nature of Planet DebianHK while some comments that it is a bit chaos and didn’t have any focus. YP and me didn’t think of building a planet when we start DebianHK. When more and more people start to blog in DebianHK and more and more Planet, I start to think that blog might be a good idea to unite the hong kong free software community. Sure, DebianHK is not a development project as Gnome and Debian. But I really enjoy to know the what Debian/Gnome people are doing via Planets. So, we got Planet DebianHK and try to collect the blogs of Hong Kong free software developers and contributors.

BTW, Planet DebianHK is not a news page. It only a collection of blogs and needn’t to belong to Debian or even computer. This is the direction of Planet DebianHK, at least for this year.

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