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Bunny個blog o岩o岩提到最近某大豪宅個廣告。個廣告幾乎請晒全香港有d名既風水佬出o黎講個豪宅風水有幾正。本人一向覺風水佬講既野係得o答笑。不過Bunny提到其中一個風水佬講既野就幾搞笑。其中一個風水佬提到豪宅周圍既格局符合所謂蜻蜓點水穴。睇得賴布衣同賴尿布多,都知蜻蜓點水穴個名有幾勁,不過話說蜻蜓點水穴係for先人………

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No SkypeCast

Somebody ask me if HKLUG can provide SkypeCast service for members to discuss things with Skype on the last LinuxTalk. I really concern if the GNU/Linux version Skype support that at that time (Indeed, I doesn’t comfortable with using proprietary software and proprietary standard on HKLUG stuff) Unfortunately, as what I guess, SkypeCast require Skype 1.4 while the latest Skype for GNU/Linux is 1.3. Therefore, ………

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