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How gnome-codec-install in Ubuntu work?

Ok, I know that I can ask people to install all GStreamer plugin to solve the codecs problems. But some people keep asking which package they need exactly. One thing in Ubuntu 7.04 that help me a lot is that is that it can detect the codec you need when you try to play a multimedia file and help you to install the packages. However, I still need to told people which package they really need on other distros.

I try to look around the gnome-codec-install and dig out how it know which package we need. First, gnome-codec-install is only a symbolic link of gnome-app-install. gnome-app-install put information of all available desktop applications in .desktop file under /usr/share/app-install/desktop. Those codecs package got the field “X-AppInstall-Codecs’ in their .desktop file. update-app-install will collect the information of all .desktop and build index in /var/cache/app-install/. The index file is in GDBM. I’m lazy to decode it. Therefore, I wrote a one-line shell command to build an index table from the .desktop files. Run the following command under /usr/share/app-install/desktop

grep  -l 'X-AppInstall-Codecs' * | while read file;
        pkg=`basename "$file" .desktop`;
        grep 'X-AppInstall-Codecs' $file | \
            sed -e 's/^X-AppInstall-Codecs//' \
                -e 's/[=;]0.10:/\n'$pkg':/g' \
                -e 's/\.desktop$//'
    done | awk -F: '{printf "%s:%s\n", $2, $1}' | sort | less

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