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“Extreme” Democracy and Cultural Revolution

Let see how our chief executive describe “extreme” democracy and Cultural Revolution in an radio programme:

Host: I was struck by one phrase at the end of the policy address, towards the end of the conclusion, you say, we promote democratic development without compromising social stability or government efficiency, that kind of implies that democratic development does compromise social stability or government efficiency?

Donald Tsang: It can, it can, if we go to the extreme, people go to the extreme, and you have a cultural revolution, for instance, in China. When people take everything into their hands, then you cannot govern the place. And eh, the similar thing is…for instance…


But Cultural Revolution wasn’t really an extreme example of democracy.

Donald Tsang:

What is it? People taking power into their own hands! Now, this is what it means by democracy, if you take it to the full swing. In other democracies, even if you have an elected  person, then you overturn the policy in California, for instance, you have initiative number, number, number what, then you overturn policy taken by the government, that’s not necessarily conducive to efficient government.

May be he really need to study the meaning of democracy and the background of Cultural Revolution.

Never expect our government will push the democratic development. They fear democracy. And worse that they even fear their people.

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  1. October 13th, 2007 | 10:01

    Donald Duck^M^M^M^M Tsang is going to die or commit suicide.
    His speech really displease democracy party and China Government …

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