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Upgrade to Diablo (Maemo 4.1)

Ok, you won’t believe that I haven’t upgrade my N800 to the lateast OS2008, Diablo (Maemo 4.1) until today. I even unaware it til bunny tell me few weeks ago.

2 Major things that diablo delights me are the Chinese support on RSS reader and the new mail client Modest. Ok, it also shipped with the Chinese font MHei18030C5.ttf. But I used the Chinese font provided by Google’s Android SDK which is much better then AR PL UMing since I upgrade to OS2008 beta. I have never got a problem on reading Chinese in N800. However, the broken Chinese support in RSS reader in Maemo 4.0 really make it useless for me. It is great they really fix it in Diablo. Besides, the long waiting Modest is pretty great. I had try the beta version of it last year in OS2008 beta and found it is much better then the old mail client. However the beta version didn’t integrated well with Task applet. I haven’t use the N800 to read mail since I upgrade to the official OS2008 (Maemo 4.0) coz it didn’t ship with Modest. Now, n800 can really become the Internet Tablet instead of only an E-Book reader or Podcast player for me. Wow!!!!!

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