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I’m back

Yes, I’m back but now in Zhuhai again. I had arrived HK around 4:30am on 5th July (I saw Greece holding the cup when I back home) and online around 6:00am. But I’m busy to setup my photo gallery and haven’t wrote anything til now. So, I haven’t mention that where I have gone. I take some AL and goto Silk Road for vacation. From 26th June to 4th July, “9″ days trip. And I haven’t online for more then 9×24 hours - my new record.

Indeed, I decided I should have a vacation this summer long time ago but never confirm the date and location. One of my choice is London. Coz I would like to watch Les Miserable again. A Musical trip which is attractive enough to make me throw out everything and take a real rest. But Raymond and Danny, my friends in PolyU Drama Society, ask me if I would like to goto Silk Road with them in mid-June. Then I decide postpone my Musical trip to next year.

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