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GNU/Linux HSDPA (3.5G) 上網!?

早一陣子,有人問我 GNU/Linux 可不可以 HSDRA (3.5G) 上網。現在香港 HSDPA 計畫都頗貴,我沒有錢使用,所以亦答不到。不過研究一下亦無況。

Google 搜索一下,Tuxmobil 有一專頁收集了有過 GNU/Linux 3G 上網的資料。似乎上 Smartone-Vodafone 最新那個 HSDPA USB stick 有 GNU/Linux 驅動器,有 Debian、Fedora 8 和 OpenSuSE 10.3 等 distro 的套件預備。但見討論區有不少人投訴驅動器有問題。

有機會要找個有 Smartone-Vodafone USB stick 的朋友備來試試。

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你是那個 OS?

「你是那個 file extension 」後,這次是到「你是那個OS」:

You are TRSDOS. Compatibility is always an issue with you.  You feel the world has passed you by.  Time has not treated you well.
Which OS are You?

看看其他 OS 是怎樣?

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Oracle 9i and RedHat 7.1

Damn Oracle 9i and Redhat 7.1, spent me a whole week to install it. Ok.. here is some note:

  1. Install the package compat-glibc in disk2 of 7.1
  2. Follow the procdure of Oracle install guide to create account oracle and set those env variable.
  3. enter the account oracle and “. /usr/i386-glibc21-linux/bin/’
  4. run the ./runInstaller of oracle to install 9i
  5. It will complain you for fail to make sth (my case is PL/SQL)
  6. It’s because it fail to compile and libclntsh9.a. And all remain tools need it. You can check your install/make.log to confirm it…
  7. You will find that the linker fail to find the symbol __cmpdi2 when it compile libclntsh. This creature is defined in libgcc.a
  8. edit file bin/genclntsh, add “-lgcc” on the line SYSLIBS and “-L/usr/i386-glibc21-linux/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/2.9″ on the line LD
  9. type “bin/genclntsh”, if success, you can see the libclntsh* under directory lib
  10. go back to X and press the “retry” button

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