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Google Mobile 個人化首頁和中國地圖

今天才發覺原來Google Maps都有中國地圖,不過不在原本的Google Maps站,而是在中国Google站底下的maps目錄才找到。基本主要幾個大城市如北京、上海、南京、廣州和深圳的地圖都有,也可以用『搜索地圖』找到主要城市的地方名和主要街道名。不過和主站的地圖不一樣的是,這個地圖是沒有衛星圖片的。原因大家都猜到…….。

另外很多人都知Google個人化首頁在本月中開始提供Mobile版,大家以後可以透過手機一次過看很多內容。不過我在個人化首頁一直都找到自訂Mobile版首頁的方法,找了好一些時間才在Google的Cache中取會一篇Google Mobile舊文,才知道你可以在桌面電腦上到訪來自訂Mobile版首頁。

P.S. 這大概算是bug,Top Stores(頭條報導)在桌面電腦上顯示中文版的,在Nokia的電話中卻變成了英文和外國新聞。

P.P.S. 企鵝佬修正Google中国地圖的url 是 ,Bunny亦修正Google Mobile版首頁的link可以在正常個人首頁底的Mobile字找到。

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More about Google and Desktop search

Here is a complete Gmail Tips and something about Google.

Besides, I found a new package named doodled appear in Debian Sid and found that it is sth related to desktop search.

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Google really rules!

I can’t help to say Google really rules!

After the Orkut (which I haven’t login for long but it really provide a great to me and my friends), Gmail (It’s not only the size but also its great interface and Google quality search services) and Google Print, We now have now Google Scholar and Google Map.

Google Map is not yet useful to me now coz it provide only US Maps. But I will happen if it can provide Europe and Asia map some day later.

Google Scholar seems like a subset service of Google Search but it help me to spot on some valuable presentation/article/paper/publication when I want to do some research, writing a paper or presentation slide.

Besides, glad to hear that Google Donating Bandwidth and Servers to Wikipedia.

Remember, generate your Gmail address image from NHacks:

Although NHacks also generate Yahoo Mail/Hotmail address image for you!

For those we still haven’t got an Gmail account, feel free to drop me a mail to ask for it. Of course, don’t spam me.

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