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Next toy!?

When Bunny and many people switch to iBook, I start to consider which will be my next toy. iBook is attractive and MacOS X got many innovative design which is worth to port to Gnome. However, Jobs’ decision to move Mac to Intel really stop me to be the last lamb or first white rats.

Mike Beattie’s blog remind me that TabletPC is another road that FreeDesktop should go. Having a TabletPC sound interesting. Compaq TC series is always the Tablet PC should be in my mind. Detachable keyboard and handy enough. However, it still using celeron. It sounds it already support GNU/Linux slightly well. WirelessLAN, bluetooth, Pen, special key run pretty well. But the suspend mode is still crap and no one have information to make the SD/MMC reader work. BTW, wish they work when I got the money. Before that, I would like to mark the related information down and aware the exists of Tablet Application under GNU/Linux.

Zaurus got another new model SL-C3100, cost about HKD5800, pretty expensive.

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Blog 拾趣: CSS Template, *zip 比較, Debian 車 , vim

Amayita 的 blog 找再一張 Debian 車和一張開性別歧視的圖片。

Sun JDK 在 Debian

Torsten Curdt 找到了一篇詳細講解 如何在 Debian 上安 Sun JDK 的文章 ,我記得在台灣 DebianWiki 中也有一篇


一班 Mac 愛好者開發了一個支援很有趣的追溯瀏覽歷史方式的瀏覽器,把用一個流程圖顯示 你的瀏覽歷史,每個網頁都用其縮圖代表。(SSL 的網頁可以用將縮圖糢糊化或用其他圖示取替) 應該很實用。可惜這瀏覽器只在 MacOS X 上運行。

CSS Template

Gregor J. Rothfuss 看到一個不錯的 CSS 網站, 收集不少 CSS Templates 。該站原只有德文版,現提供了英文版,不過那些 CSS Tempates 似乎還未移過 英文版,所以要拿 template 時要在 url 去刪去 en/

Drupal 主站看到 Gnome Angalore ,有不少篇排似乎值得借鏡。

gzip 對 bzip2 對 rzip

另外,亦由 Planet Apache 看到幾個人在為 gzip 、 bzip2 及 rzip 做表現測試。似乎 rzip 都是一個不錯的壓縮工具。




由某個 blog 看到 vim 也不一定文字編輯器。

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