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GNU/Linux HSDPA (3.5G) 上網!?

早一陣子,有人問我 GNU/Linux 可不可以 HSDRA (3.5G) 上網。現在香港 HSDPA 計畫都頗貴,我沒有錢使用,所以亦答不到。不過研究一下亦無況。

Google 搜索一下,Tuxmobil 有一專頁收集了有過 GNU/Linux 3G 上網的資料。似乎上 Smartone-Vodafone 最新那個 HSDPA USB stick 有 GNU/Linux 驅動器,有 Debian、Fedora 8 和 OpenSuSE 10.3 等 distro 的套件預備。但見討論區有不少人投訴驅動器有問題。

有機會要找個有 Smartone-Vodafone USB stick 的朋友備來試試。

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WiFi on car! 這好像點在匪疑所思,不過早前美國密芝根州的一名市民就因在其坐駕上「盜」用附近一間咖啡廳的免費無線網絡而被起訴。

美國密芝根州的Sam Peterson習慣每天都駕車經過Union Street Cafe鄰近並使用其免費無線網絡收發電郵。他的「古怪」習慣行為引起了一位警員的疑心並上前查問。Peterson當時並沒有意會到其行在道德上有問題而照直說出原因。結果Peterson就因此而被捕,並以未經同意進入他人網絡罪被起訴。因為Union Stree Cafe的免費無線網絡只是提供給其客人使用,而Peterson從未光顧或進入Cafe內。


除了Peterson外,Union Street Cafe的老板亦未有意識Peterson的行為是違法。拘捕Peterson的警員亦說當時只意識Peterson已觸犯某條法例但並不知是那條。不過事實上Peterson的案件並首宗例子,類似例子在美國而有不少個案。其中一宗,一名阿拉斯架的男子更在本年年頭在公共圖書館外使用其公開無線網絡玩遊戲而被捕。

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Sunday wirless (wifi) broadband

Wow, just got an adv SMS from Sunday. They start to offer wireless broadband services in HK. HK$50/month for unlimited access!! Most AP located in KFC now. Bandwidth is 6Mbps for download and 650kbps for upload, not fast but seem enough!

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Linux 2.6.5 and 2.6.6

Besides stardict, I spend sometime on reading the new feature Linux 2.6.6 on 14th night. It seems that 2.6.6 got some interesting thing like “laptop-mod” and CFQ and worth to have a try.

As I have mention, my HDD was damage and I have to re-install everything these few weeks, including kernel 2.6. I haven’t backup my Linux 2.6.x .config before the HDD damage. It spent me several hours to re-select the suitable configuration for my Thinkpad x30. This time, I decided to upload my configuration for backup and sharing even it is not prefect yet. If you also using the IBM Thinkpad x30, you can find my compiled Linux 2.6.5 here. It works with all my extra devices including:

  • Palm Tungstun T3
  • Truly MP3 Player MP378
  • Buffalo PCMCIA Wireless LAN WLI-PCM-L11
  • EagleTec CF 5in1 card reader

I keep using APM while I found the software suspend in 2.6.0 doesn’t work. The hibernation of Pheonix BIOS works ok before my HD damage but the notebook spend over 5 mins. to enter the GRUB screen everytime I switch on. It really freaked me out and thought the HD was damaged again. I don’t know why it stalled so long before booting and suspend it is caused by the wrong geometry location of the hibernation partition. But I’m sure it is not the Linux problem. I may need to relocate the partition or move to ACPI and try software suspend again.

No devfs support while it is obsoleted. I decided to try udev later.

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