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Upgrade to Diablo (Maemo 4.1)

Ok, you won’t believe that I haven’t upgrade my N800 to the lateast OS2008, Diablo (Maemo 4.1) until today. I even unaware it til bunny tell me few weeks ago.

2 Major things that diablo delights me are the Chinese support on RSS reader and the new mail client Modest. Ok, it also shipped with the Chinese font MHei18030C5.ttf. But I used the Chinese font provided by Google’s Android SDK which is much better then AR PL UMing since I upgrade to OS2008 beta. I have never got a problem on reading Chinese in N800. However, the broken Chinese support in RSS reader in Maemo 4.0 really make it useless for me. It is great they really fix it in Diablo. Besides, the long waiting Modest is pretty great. I had try the beta version of it last year in OS2008 beta and found it is much better then the old mail client. However the beta version didn’t integrated well with Task applet. I haven’t use the N800 to read mail since I upgrade to the official OS2008 (Maemo 4.0) coz it didn’t ship with Modest. Now, n800 can really become the Internet Tablet instead of only an E-Book reader or Podcast player for me. Wow!!!!!

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N800 用後一週

R&D mode

之前提過 Maemo 的 R&D mode ,終於提到一點資料。做法頗煩複,要在 flash 時在 flasher 加上選項 “--enable-rd-mode“。啟用了 R&D mode 主要可以用 “sudo gainroot” 進入 root 和按開關掣會立即開機 (平時要按數秒才開機)。

似乎還是用 becomeroot 套件比較方便。

自動掛載或卸載 SD

年頭看一些 N800 的評論,有人投訴 N800 的 status bar 沒有退出 SD 卡的工具,懷疑要手動在終端機打 “umount /media/mmc1“。N800 到手後,我實際觀察,發覺當你打開 External SD slot 的蓋時, N800 已感應到並自動 unmount SD。當你關閉 slot 蓋,N800 又會自動 mount 起 SD 卡。如果你打開 slot 蓋時有程式正使用 SD 卡上卡的檔案 (如終端機 cd 到 /media/mmc1 ) ,N800 會彈出警告訊息。

在 MicroB Browser 選擇文字

初用 MicroB Browser ,發覺不能選擇文字作 copy&paste ,在網頁上拖拉只會令網頁捲上下左右。早幾天用手指捲動網頁才發覺偶然可以選擇文字,再查看線上說明,才知道要快速點擊網頁,就可以拖拉選擇文字作 copy&paste。

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How to login root in Nokia OS2008 (N800/N810)

Skype in OS2008

I have just upgrade my new N800 to OS2008 beta (Maemo 4.0). Most program run faster and more smooth in OS2008, including MicroB Browser and the PDF Viewer. Of course, you should aware that many application are not ported to OS2008 yet. (Compared that there is 191 apps in for OS2007 but only 37 for OS2008 )

After upgraded to OS2008, I found that I can’t login as root as in OS2007. Different from the GNU/Linux embedded devices I used before, Maemo use a better security structure. It run most application in a common user “user” instead of “root” in other embedded platforms. Sudo is used to execute tasks needed system administrator right. And you will see many rules is defined in /etc/sudoers.

### Automatically added by update-sudoers start ###
user ALL = NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/ke-recv start
user ALL = NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/ke-recv stop
user ALL = NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/alarmd start
user ALL = NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/alarmd stop
user ALL = NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/osso-hss start
user ALL = NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/osso-hss stop
user ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/osso-product-info
user ALL = NOPASSWD: /bin/rm -f /tmp/.opi.tmp
### Automatically added by update-sudoers end ###

In OS2007, the root user was “protected” by a simple password “rootme”. It wouldn’t cause much problem until you install ssh server in it. The password of user “user” is locked. You can change it by “su” as root and change the password of user by “passwd user“. However, things changed in OS2008. They locked both the password of “root” and “user”. You can’t login root with “su” anymore.

It is said that you can use switch it to R&D mode or install a package becomeroot to get back your root again. I have no idea about R&D mode but found the becomeroot. Here is the procedure (Beware that the following step will introduce security risk to your tablet, make sure you know what you are doing and pick good passwords):

  • Open the web browser (MicroB browser)
  • Download the becomeroot package with the web browser, choose “Open” to install it.
  • After that you can login the root by typing the following command in the XTerm:
  sudo gainroot
  • Now you can change the password of “user” and “root” with “passwd user” and “passwd root“.

Warnning: Notice you again that the above action may allow people to take the control your tablet from wireless network. Choose good passwords for the both account.

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New Gadget: Nokia N800

Nokia N800

Let see my new Gadget!!! It’s not iPhone! Not EeePC! Not even the latest N810 but the previous version of Nokia GNU/Linux Internet Tablet N810 which released nearly a year. Wow!!!!!

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Convert Video to play on Nokia Phone with Ffmpeg

You can get the latest full (Chinese) version of the following document from OSWikiHK.

Install ffmpeg

Add following line in /etc/apt/sources.list :

deb sid main

Update the data of repositories and install ffmpeg:

apt-get update
apt-get install ffmpeg

Convert to 3GP format

ffmpeg -i U2d–Jes5AU.flv -y -b 400 -s cif -r 25 -acodec amr_wb -ab 50 -ac 1 -ar 16000 U2d–Jes5AU.3gp
  • i: Video file to be converted
  • s: The resolution of the output video, the syntax is “widthxheight“. cif means 320×240
  • b: The video bitrate of the output video. (in bit/sec)
  • r: The frame per second (fps) of the output video.
  • acodec: The audio codec of the output video
  • ab: The audio bitrate of the output video. (in bit/sec)
  • ac: The number of audio channel of the output video. 1 means mono
  • ar: The frequency of the output video. (in Hz)

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Nokia e70

Let took about my new toy - Nokia e70. I have plan to buy this phone since last year and it finally out last month. Support WIFI and QWERT keyboard are the main reasons I was attracted. With the help of pys60, I can program something without those damn Java.

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