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PHP Framework

It’s long time I haven’t wrote some long web application. For some reason, I intent to start one recently and try to find a suitable framework. I had thinking of writing in Python while I consider it is a better language then Perl/PHP. However, I don’t want to have too many different application run on a single machine, I decide to program back in PHP finally. The next question is which PHP framework I should choose.

Currently, the hottest PHP frameworks are Zend Framework and CakePHP. But after read several articles online, I think CodeIgniter is better.

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PHP 4.0.1pl2 for Debian Potato

最近呢部 Server 成日有事,主要因為:

  • 加左 HD, 好多野要拾
  • 大枝野 幫手 …, 本站由 Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 (Slink) 升級左去 2.2 (Potato)
  • 因為發現 Potato 中的 PHP4 係 beta 版 .. 個 Perl 兼容 RE 好鑊.. 索性羅 左 Woody 中既 PHP 4.01pl2 .. compile for Potato..

1pl2 for Potato 有興趣.. 可以係搵 .. MySQL 2.23 都 compile 左 .. 不過我想 check 好 d 先方上唻 .. apt/dselect 可以係 /etc/apt/source.list 加上:

deb potato free non-free

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Sth about Web

Here is something about web.. let see when I will have time to read it:

  • Why Not MySQL
    OpenACS talk about why they don’t use MySQL as their Web RDBMS. (Slashdot) (OK, I still use MySQL personally, it not the best.. but suit my need)
  • Which CGI Language For Which Purpose?
    Slashdot discussion about Which Web Server language should be use. (PHP and Perl is still my favorite)
  • Analog
    kwan give me this link last night.. an Web log analysis program… But I’m writing my own one ;P… Basically, I prefer Webalizer more…
  • How to build a lame site
    Another link that kwan give me last night. Sure.. you know what she mean.

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