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I’m back

Yes, I’m back but now in Zhuhai again. I had arrived HK around 4:30am on 5th July (I saw Greece holding the cup when I back home) and online around 6:00am. But I’m busy to setup my photo gallery and haven’t wrote anything til now. So, I haven’t mention that where I have gone. I take some AL and goto Silk Road for vacation. From 26th June to 4th July, “9″ days trip. And I haven’t online for more then 9×24 hours - my new record.

Indeed, I decided I should have a vacation this summer long time ago but never confirm the date and location. One of my choice is London. Coz I would like to watch Les Miserable again. A Musical trip which is attractive enough to make me throw out everything and take a real rest. But Raymond and Danny, my friends in PolyU Drama Society, ask me if I would like to goto Silk Road with them in mid-June. Then I decide postpone my Musical trip to next year.

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I will have a vacation tomorrow

I will have a vacation start from tomorrow and won’t be Hong Kong til 5th July.

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First Prize

When you play a lucky draw, most people would like to win the first prize. But it may not always true. Here is a story told by the tourist guide when I goto Japan last year.

If you have watch some Japanese TV Programme or Anime, you should know that Department Stores always got some lucky draw in Japan. Most of the time, the first prize is some free trip. Once, a tourist from Hong Kong play a lucky draw and win the first prize. Sure, the tourist was very happy. However, the tourist guide suggest him to ask whether he can change to get the second prize rather then the first prize. The tourist was puzzled but after he found out what present of the first prize is, he follow the suggestion. Then what is the present of the first prize? 3-day trip to Hong Kong.

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